5 Questions to Always Ask your Commercial Printer

So, you’ve got a new business printing project that needs to be done ASAP. You may be tempted to find the nearest commercial printer, send them your information, and hope for the best but that approach may bring additional headaches and cost more money overall.

It pays to ask questions ahead of your print run to ensure that you and your commercial printing team are on the same page. The best way to utilize your printer’s expertise is to ask these five important questions:


  1. What factors influence cost effectiveness? The variables that affect cost effectiveness of your project range from time scale and paper stock to design and finishing options. Not all print shops have the same capabilities. Ask if this commercial printer has done jobs similar to yours before. You may learn that your vision of the finished product can be altered with positive, less costly results.


  1. What kind of timeline can I expect? Ask what the expected lead time will be and how it will affect the print run. The more design elements involved, the longer the job will take to prep. Short runs can be produced on digital printers. However, if your job is more complicated, find out if they have high performance offset printers to manage bigger assignments.


  1. What is the best format for submitting my files? The work you do on the front end will help ensure a speedier process and higher quality result. Does this print shop require you to do the graphics first, or can they help with layout and design? Which pdf standards do they do they require? How should files be uploaded?


  1. What processes are in place to reduce errors? The best commercial printing teams include project managers who oversee all elements of the job. Make sure that you can see proofs of the work before it goes to press. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about any detail. A responsible printer will not only provide you with an excellent finished product but will help educate you as well.


  1. What are the shipping options for my project? If you need a local delivery, most print shops can easily deliver themselvesIf timing is critical, couriers can be used for 1-,2-, or 3-hour deliveries. Big orders require pallets and semi-trucks, commercial printers like Catalyst Graphics can handle all your LTL shipments.


Running a business that relies upon commercial printing doesn’t mean you have to know everything about the process. Find a print shop that has a proven record of success with projects similar to yours and positive reviews from satisfied clients. Get these answers to your questions first and you’ll have the foundation for a dependable partnership that can fulfill all of your printing needs.


Catalyst graphics is a family-owned commercial printing business that has been serving clients for over 30 years. Based in Eagan, Minnesota, we are committed to using local products and services for projects of the highest quality.

We offer fast, fully custom business report printing in Minnesota to meet any project’s demands, budget, and quantity.

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